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Peter's Project: Target $5 Million.

We need your help to raise $5 million toward the building of an Integrated Cancer Care Centre.
The centre will provide much needed radiotherapy treatment, various cancer services and support to people with cancer in a friendly and welcoming environment.
We hope donations will gain momentum as the plans move forward and more people realise how the centre will help and treat those who need it in our region.

How can you help us?

The Peter's Project Committee are inviting public and private parties to pledge financial support for the building of the Cancer Care Centre.


Can your family contribute?

Can you make a donation in the name of your family?

Can you make a personal donation?

Organise a fund-raiser

Are you able to organise a fund-raising event?

Can you organise people to gather needed donations?

Please forward this website address to anyone who you think would be appropriate. Thanks.

How about group contributions?

Are you a member of a sporting club, business committee or a community service organisation?

Can you arrange for your members to make a group contribution?

Workplace giving program.

While many people cannot make large lump sum contributions, they may wish to contribute a small amount over a period of time.

To facilitate this we have decided that having this deducted from your salary may be an easy way.

Through the workplace giving arrangement you will be able to nominate an amount that your employer will deduct and forward to Peter's Project.

Please download the Workplace Giving Programme Pledge Card PDF.

Meet Our Team

Vicki Jellie
Founder of Peter's Project.

Chair and Director of Peter's Project.

Peter Headen

Chairman of Peter's Project Target $5 Million Appeal.

CEO of 3YB and Coast FM - ACE Radio.

Denis Napthine
Founding Committee member.

Premier of Victoria.
Member for South West Coast.

Colin McKenna
Director of Peter's Project.

Managing Director of the Midfield Group.

Vern Robson
Director of Peter's Project.

Former City of Warrnambool Town Clerk.

Board member of Heatherlie Homes.

Dr. Terri Hayes

Committee member.

Medical Oncologist practicing in Warrnambool.

Glenys Phillpot
Director of Peter's Project

Former Warrnambool Councilor and Mayor.

Board member of WRAD.

Dr. Eric Fairbank
Committee member.


Director of Palliative Care at South West Healthcare.

Shane Timms
Committee member.

Leanne McPherson
Committee member.

Director of Nursing at St. John of God Warrnambool.

Alan Simson
Committee member.


John Krygger
Committee member.


CEO of South West Healthcare.

Peter's Project is a campaign to bring improved cancer care services to south-west Victoria and south-east South Australia.

About Peter's Project

Before the success and momentum of Peter's Project, those members of the Warnambool community who were faced with cancer had no other choice but to drive 3½ hours to access and undertake the stressful, frequent and time consuming cancer treatment process.
Peter's Project is working to provide a state of the art facility for cancer patients in south-west Victoria and south-east South Australia.
The formation of Peter's Project was driven by the difficulty to access cancer treatment facilities for patients living in the Warrnambool area and surrounding regions.

How it began

Peter's Project's inception was on 15th September, 2008, when local man Peter Jellie, aged 49, passed away from oesophageal cancer.

Peter was a family man living and working in Warrnambool.

During the last twenty weeks of his life he was diagnosed and treated.

For eight of these twenty weeks Peter was in Melbourne, 320km away, having treatment sessions lasting for fifteen minutes each day, meaning that Peter spent precious time away from his family, home, work and support network.

This scenario is typical for regional cancer patients. All of this time is critical in their shortened life.

After his death, Peter's wife Vicki, moved forward with a goal to bring radiotherapy to South West Victoria and South East of South Australia, so people affected by cancer could have access to vital radiotherapy treatment locally rather than spending precious weeks away from their family and support network and travelling up to 4-5 hours one way, to receive that treatment.

A recent research document into the need for Radiotherapy for South West Victoria, exhibited above average mortality rates for cancer cases in the region.

One third of those persons who need Radiotherapy, declined treatment due to tyranny of distance, financial, sickness and family social stress issues.

How it's grown

In March, 2009, a Board and Committee of Peter's Project were convened and in June that year, a Trust known as Peter's Project Charitable Trust, was set up and was also endorsed as a tax deductible gift recipient by the ATO.

Peter's Project is a community supported initiative committed to the facilitation of comprehensive cancer services for our region.

After a year of gathering information and initial State government lobbying, a public launch to the community was held in February, 2010.

Over the next 3 years, Peter's Project became very widely recognized by their supportive regional community.

The Committee set a solid foundation model and lobbied both State and Federal governments for a commitment and financial assistance to provide radiotherapy and an Integrated Cancer Centre, based in Warrnambool.

The community took ownership of this cause and rallied together to begin to raise funds to make this vital need a reality.

We have been heard by our Politicians ... the Peter's Project Committee and the thousands of people in our regional community have made their strongest possible representations and have now, in May 2013, had full financial commitment from the Victorian State Government, and the definite outcome of a Cancer Centre with radiotherapy to be established in Warrnambool.

The Peter's Project Committee will continue to lobby the Federal Government for a $10 million contribution toward this facility in 2013.

Peter's Project and their amazing community are ordinary people who have worked together and have achieved positive change through their committed efforts.

The region's community will continue to support Peter's Project until their goal becomes the reality of a fully operational Cancer Centre.

There are far too many reasons why we need these improved cancer care services in Warrnambool.

"Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass."

"We really need your help. Please help us."

"Our purpose in this project is to begin to turn that awful fear of cancer into a future, not only free of fear, but full of new hope. But we really need your help to do it."

Please contact us.

Peter's Project.
PO Box 5227,
Victoria, 3280.


0439 000 955

Email :


Office address:
National Australia Bank.
140 Koroit Street,
Victoria, 3280.

Help us reach our goal.

Peter's Project Ltd.
Cancer Care for the South West.

Public Charitable Trust.
P O Box 5227,
Vic 3280


With your help we can improve cancer outcomes for patients throughout our region as we continue to challenge this indiscriminate disease.

Download: Fundraising Guide


Download: Fundraising Application Form


Workplace Giving Program.

Download: Workplace Giving Programme Pledge Card PDF


Monthly article written by Dr Eric Fairbank:

Just what is Cancer?

National Australia Bank.
Donations can also be made directly at any National Australia Bank Branch.

Speak to any banking staff and ask to donate to the account in the name "Peter's Project Gift Account."

BSB: 083957
Account: 16 374 7803

ABN: 61 589 345 337

If you would like to fundraise for Peter's Project by way of a challenge or event, please click here: MY CAUSE

If donating through your own internet banking, and you require a tax receipt, please then email us at and provide your donation deposit details such as your full name , postal address, date donation made and amount.

If you donate through your own online banking and wish to receive a tax deductable receipt, please email your name, address, amount of donation and date payment was made to :

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