South West Oncology is a group of private oncologists who have been providing specialised medical oncology care to public and private patients of the region for the last 10 years. Dr Terri Hayes started the practice in 2004 and has been involved in all aspects of Peter’s Project and the South West Regional Cancer Centre.

The practice expanded in 2012 with visiting medical oncologist, Dr Oliver Klein and subsequently in 2013 with resident medical oncologist, Dr Ian Collins. As a group we offer a wide range of expertise offering treatment at South West Healthcare, St John Of God Healthcare Warrnambool and Portland District Health. We have Visiting Medical Officer entitlements at all locations. Our consulting suites are currently located at SJOG Healthcare Warrnambool.

We have been heavily engaged in the design and planning phases for the SWRCC, collaborating with all involved health services, Epworth, SWH and Peter’s Project.

In order, for the SWRCC to be a comprehensive cancer centre, South West Oncology will be moving our existing practice to purpose built facilities on the first floor of the building. Existing infrastructure and staff will be transitioned to the new location and our practice will remain independent but better integrated with SWH chemotherapy and Epworth radiotherapy services.

We will be located on the same floor as SWHC’s day oncology unit allowing efficient consultation and treatments within the same facility. Similarly we will work closely with Dr Tracie Gleissner, radiation oncologist based in SWRCC, regarding patients requiring radiotherapy either separately or in combination with chemotherapy. In addition, our current clinical trials unit will be relocating to the first floor of SWRCC and will be locally Governed by SWH. We anticipate being to offer new and exciting drug clinical trial opportunities now made available by the co-location of research, medical, pharmacy and nursing staff.

Public, private and regional patients will continue to be treated through our practice and offered chemotherapy at either SWH, SJOG Healthcare or PDH, based on their preference. We will continue to support privately insured patients preferring to have their chemotherapy in a private facility such as SJOG Healthcare.

It is an exciting opportunity for South West Oncology to be embedded in SWRCC, working towards integrating regional cancer care and hoping to improve the support and survival of our region’s patients.